2003: Inside Madonna's Maverick HQ in Hollywood

Flashback now to October 2003 - Madonna invited Access Hollywood TV cameras into her Maverick Headquarters in LA for this very special report by Pat O'Brien, who also interviewed her for the show.

(Access Hollywood, October 2003

2003: Madonna - MTV's Number One Video Star

In 2003 Madonna was named "Number One Video Star" in an MTV viewers poll.

Here's the clip from that show where US celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Slash & Carson Daly talk about why Madonna deserved to win.

(MTV, 2003

2005: *Exclusive* Uncut & Unseen UK TV Interview

Madonna has been doing "press junkets" since 1991 - as in, arranging and taking part in a series of one-on-one TV interviews, timed to take place in succession during the course of (say) an afternoon in one location (usually a hotel room or other, decorated with props related to the reason for the press junket).

Each TV interviewer granted access to the press junket will typically get 15 minutes with Madonna - and then at some point the viewers will see a few clips or "edited highlights" of the conversation that took place.

Here's a treat - something we never get via the broadcasters - the full unedited tape of one such "press junket" encounter. It was October 2005 and this was part of promotion for the "Confessions On A Dance Floor" album.

You see everything from the initial niceties as Madonna meets her interviewer, to the questions and answers that would certainly have been meant for the cutting room floor!

And it's thanks to Madonnalicious forum moderator and good friend of Madonna-TV, Anna-Clare.

(October 2005)

2003: Fans Queue for Tower Records Store Gig

10 years ago as her album "American Life" was being released, fans were lining up in New York City for something very very unusual in Madonna's career to date.

For the first time Madonna was doing a fully live mini-gig in a record store - in front of just a couple of hundred people, most of whom would also get the chance to meet her personally and possibly get an autograph.

It was of course a really big deal and as word spread of what was to happen, fans came from all over the world to get their chance to be part of it all.

On Wednesday April 23rd 2003, "Liquid News" on the UK's BBC TV covered the build-up to the Tower Records event live on their show. Watch as many well-known fans are interviewed for the piece.

(BBC, April 2003)

1998: Rare German TV Interview for "Ray of Light"

15 years ago Madonna's "Ray of Light" album was topping the charts around the world. In February 1998 she traveled to Europe in advance of the album's release to do some TV, radio and newspaper interviews.

One of her lesser-seen interviews was done whilst in Dusseldorf, Germany. Madonna was interviewed at her hotel there by Markus Kavka for a special on the VIVA music TV channel which aired in March 1998.

Here's the interview segments in full from the original broadcast.

(Viva TV Germany, March 1998)

2006: *Exclusive* Madonna fan on the set of "Sorry"!

Difficult to know if a fan has ever been invited to the set of a Madonna video other than back in 2006 when the UK's Terry Armstrong won a fanclub contest to visit the set of the "Sorry" video.

On Thursday January 19th 2006 Terry was allowed on set to watch part of the video being filmed and to personally meet Madonna herself.

Seven years later, in a World Exclusive, Madonna-TV can take you back to that very day with never-before-seen video of Terry at the "Sorry" video shoot. Terry was interviewed on the set after he met Madonna, but the footage has never been seen - until now!

(WB, February 2006

1987: Texas WTG Concert - Rare Press Footage

When Madonna's on tour, the local media are always given some footage of each concert to use in news reports and the like. Usually it's short clips from the first few songs of the show (on her 2012 MDNA tour it was a clip of "Girl Gone Wild" every night!).

Back in 1987 however, the media were generally not given this on the "Who's That Girl" tour - instead the press were allowed to come along with their own TV cameras to get the footage themselves!

We got to see the first couple of minutes of "Open Your Heart", "Lucky Star" and "True Blue" from many gigs on the tour, filmed each time by local TV channels. Usually this was via one fixed camera placed quite a  distance from the stage.

Here's a rare treat - some of that original press footage, which has just recently been uploaded from the original tapes by their owner, in pristine quality. It's from Sunday 26th July 1987  - Madonna's concert at the Texas Stadium in Irving (a suburb of the city of Dallas).

(KellyWurx, July 1987