1987: Texas WTG Concert - Rare Press Footage

When Madonna's on tour, the local media are always given some footage of each concert to use in news reports and the like. Usually it's short clips from the first few songs of the show (on her 2012 MDNA tour it was a clip of "Girl Gone Wild" every night!).

Back in 1987 however, the media were generally not given this on the "Who's That Girl" tour - instead the press were allowed to come along with their own TV cameras to get the footage themselves!

We got to see the first couple of minutes of "Open Your Heart", "Lucky Star" and "True Blue" from many gigs on the tour, filmed each time by local TV channels. Usually this was via one fixed camera placed quite a  distance from the stage.

Here's a rare treat - some of that original press footage, which has just recently been uploaded from the original tapes by their owner, in pristine quality. It's from Sunday 26th July 1987  - Madonna's concert at the Texas Stadium in Irving (a suburb of the city of Dallas).

(KellyWurx, July 1987