2005: *Exclusive* Uncut & Unseen UK TV Interview

Madonna has been doing "press junkets" since 1991 - as in, arranging and taking part in a series of one-on-one TV interviews, timed to take place in succession during the course of (say) an afternoon in one location (usually a hotel room or other, decorated with props related to the reason for the press junket).

Each TV interviewer granted access to the press junket will typically get 15 minutes with Madonna - and then at some point the viewers will see a few clips or "edited highlights" of the conversation that took place.

Here's a treat - something we never get via the broadcasters - the full unedited tape of one such "press junket" encounter. It was October 2005 and this was part of promotion for the "Confessions On A Dance Floor" album.

You see everything from the initial niceties as Madonna meets her interviewer, to the questions and answers that would certainly have been meant for the cutting room floor!

And it's thanks to Madonnalicious forum moderator and good friend of Madonna-TV, Anna-Clare.

(October 2005)