Special: Madonna's Birthdays through the Years







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2002: Herb Ritts talks to BBC TV about Madonna

He was one of the world's greatest photographers and a close friend of Madonna's throughout the 80s and beyond. Herb Ritts was responsible for arguably the most iconic images of Madonna's career as well as one of her finest music videos - "Cherish".

Not long before his death in 2002 he spoke to the BBC about Madonna in this interview which aired in 2003.

(BBC, 2003)

1990: BA Barcelona TV Camera Testing Footage

23 years ago today - Wednesday August 1st 1990 - Madonna's Blond Ambition tour was nearing the end and her final Spanish show - at the huge Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, took place.

This was the 2nd show of the world tour to be televised, with broadcasts of the Barcelona concert taking place that evening in the UK, Italy, Spain and elsewhere. Australian TV would air the concert a week later and in the coming  months edited versions of the show were also broadcast in various territories.

Here's some very rare TV footage not intended for broadcast. Recorded from a live satellite feed, cameras show the Barcelona stage from various angles as the Olympic Stadium is filling up with fans a few hours before showtime!

And for more like this - check out the amazing Blond Ambition Facebook Page !!!

(August 1990