1993: "The Girlie Show" World Premiere in London

Two UK news reports on the World Premiere of "The Girlie Show" tour. Exactly 20 years ago tonight!

(September 1993)

2013: "BetweenThe Bars" LIVE Performance NYC!

Thanks to www.mymdna.com - filmed September 24th 2013!

(MyMDNA, September 2013)

1993: Eve of Girlie Show Premiere

UK Breakfast TV transmits live from her hotel in the morning, Madonna rehearses in the afternoon and fans go wild in the evening...


(September 1993)

1989: Message to 'Darryl & Ossie' on Australian TV

Spring 1989 saw Madonna's "Like A Prayer" album rule the world, but these were the days of scarce TV appearances from megastars.

While the music videos for "Like a Prayer" and "Express Yourself" would be getting heavy airplay on television, Madonna herself would otherwise not be seen on the small screen in the Spring & Summer of that year. That is, until her first and only TV interview of the year - one which was for Australian TV.

Molly Meldrum (who had previously interviewed Madonna at the end of 1985) was flown to LA for an exclusive sit-down interview with Madonna in May 1989. The result aired first in Australia in June 1989, quickly followed by broadcasts all around the world.

Here's a very rare piece from that interview session, shown only on Saturday morning kids TV "Hey Hey It's Saturday" on June 3rd 1989 and never seen anywhere else. Madonna sends a brief message to 'Darryl & Ossie'...

(June 1989)

1987: WTG Tour Nice, France - Press Footage

The Stade de l'Ouest in Nice (now known as the Stade Charles Ehrmanm) was the venue of Madonna's legendary Blond Ambition finale which was broadcast on US TV channel HBO in 1990.

In later years Madonna returned to this venue (2008 Sticky & Sweet / 2012 MDNA Tour) but her first appearance here was in 1987 on the Who's That Girl World Tour.

Here's some very rare French TV footage from that concert on Monday August 31st 1987!

(August 1987)