1989: Message to 'Darryl & Ossie' on Australian TV

Spring 1989 saw Madonna's "Like A Prayer" album rule the world, but these were the days of scarce TV appearances from megastars.

While the music videos for "Like a Prayer" and "Express Yourself" would be getting heavy airplay on television, Madonna herself would otherwise not be seen on the small screen in the Spring & Summer of that year. That is, until her first and only TV interview of the year - one which was for Australian TV.

Molly Meldrum (who had previously interviewed Madonna at the end of 1985) was flown to LA for an exclusive sit-down interview with Madonna in May 1989. The result aired first in Australia in June 1989, quickly followed by broadcasts all around the world.

Here's a very rare piece from that interview session, shown only on Saturday morning kids TV "Hey Hey It's Saturday" on June 3rd 1989 and never seen anywhere else. Madonna sends a brief message to 'Darryl & Ossie'...

(June 1989)