1989: Pepsi Senior VP talks about Madonna Commercial

This week 25 years ago the excitement really was building as the worldwide debut of Madonna's 'comeback single' "Like A Prayer" was only days away.

Here's Pepsi's Worldwide Creative Services Senior VP at the time Alan Pottasch, talking about the upcoming Madonna commercial!

(Pepsi, February 1989)

2014: Happy 25th Birthday "Like A Prayer"

It's 25 years since Madonna gave us "Like a Prayer" and throughout March and beyond, Madonna-TV will be posting many related archive TV clips.

The title song on the album got its worldwide debut on March 2nd 1989 (during a 2-minute Pepsi commercial) and to mark the anniversary of the world hearing that historic song for the first time, Madonna-TV will be airing something special which has not been seen online previously.

Tune in here at 9pm CET on March 2nd 2014 (8pm UK Time) for our "Like a Prayer" exclusive.

(Madonna-TV, February 2014)

2012: Spanish Lesson Live MDNA Tour!

Madonna's 2012 MDNA Tour was made all the more exciting and unusual by an ever changing setlist. Throughout the tour's seven month run songs were added and removed on various dates.

In South America, the 2008 Hard Candy track "Spanish Lesson" was performed twice - first in Mexico City and then the capital of Chile, Santiago.

Here for the first time is Madonna-TV's very own video of this MDNA Tour Extra, filmed from the pro-shot screen footage in Santiago on December 19th 2012.

(Madonna-TV, December 2012)

2006: Like A Virgin @ Wembley Arena, London

Step back in time now to August 15th 2006. Madonna's "Confessions Tour" show at Wembley Arena in London was being professionally filmed for future release and Madonna-TV was there to do a bit of filming themselves!

Here for the first time is some of that footage!

(Madonna-TV, August 2006)

1989: Pepsi Ad Teaser

As the 25th anniversary of "Like A Prayer" approaches, we're taking a look back to that magical time in 1989 with a series of rarely seen TV clips.

It all kicked off in February 1989 with confirmation that Madonna's comeback single would not premiere on radio, not on MTV either, but instead the song would be heard for the first time as part of a 2 minute Pepsi TV commercial.

In a groundbreaking first, Madonna's "Like a Prayer" Pepsi ad would air on the same day all around the world during primetime TV slots bought by the huge soft drinks company. The song would not hit radio until the following day!

A special "teaser" ad was produced to hype the Pepsi premiere planned for March 2nd:

And here, for the first time online, is the version of that teaser which aired on Irish TV.

(RTE, February 1989)

1990: Sandra Bernhard's new Movie (& Madonna)

Back in the Summer of 1990, one of Madonna's most famous personal friends was controversial comedienne Sandra Bernhard.

Here's Sandra on "Entertainment This Week" promoting the movie version of her one-woman show "Without You I'm Nothing". Naturally she was asked about Madonna!

(Sky News, June 1990)

2014: Pussy Riot asked about Madonna on Irish TV

Members of protest band Pussy Riot gave their first ever talk show interview outside of Russia in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday night February 1st 2014. Appearing live in front of a studio audience they were asked about Madonna.

(RTE One, February 2014)