1989: Pepsi Ad Teaser

As the 25th anniversary of "Like A Prayer" approaches, we're taking a look back to that magical time in 1989 with a series of rarely seen TV clips.

It all kicked off in February 1989 with confirmation that Madonna's comeback single would not premiere on radio, not on MTV either, but instead the song would be heard for the first time as part of a 2 minute Pepsi TV commercial.

In a groundbreaking first, Madonna's "Like a Prayer" Pepsi ad would air on the same day all around the world during primetime TV slots bought by the huge soft drinks company. The song would not hit radio until the following day!

A special "teaser" ad was produced to hype the Pepsi premiere planned for March 2nd:

And here, for the first time online, is the version of that teaser which aired on Irish TV.

(RTE, February 1989)