1994: Madonna on David Letterman Show!

Thursday March 31st 1994 saw Madonna appear as the sole guest on David Letterman's top rated late night US talk show.

The show was taped in the afternoon and when it aired that evening, it caused immediate controversy and it has become one of Madonna's most legendary TV appearances of her entire career.

Watch it now to see why!

Part 1:

Part 2:

(CBS, March 1994 )

1992: Madonna & Rosie at NYC movie Premiere

Here's a rare clip from CNN "Showbiz Today" of Madonna with Rosie O'Donnell at the NYC premiere of "A League Of Their Own" on Thursday June 25th 1992!

(CNN, June 1992 )

1989: 'Like A Prayer' hits No.1 in both the US and UK!

March 1989 saw the release of "Like a Prayer" and the single topped the charts on both sides of the atlantic. Here's original TV recordings showing how both the USA and UK number one positions were announced!

And while the single's video caused controversy, it still made it onto kids TV shows in the UK!

USA Number One

UK Number One

Children's TV Clip

(March 1989 )

2007: Videos That Rocked The World - "Like A Prayer"

It's 25 years now since Madonna's Like A Prayer music video debuted. The video premiered exclusively on MTV USA on Friday March 3rd 1989, one day after Madonna's Pepsi ad aired and immediately caused an international stir.

In 2007 a US TV documentary looked back at this most controversial of music videos, featuring original contributions by the video's director Mary Lambert, its producer Sharon Oreck, Madonna's co-star in the clip Leon Robinson, Pepsi ad director Joe Pytka and many others.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

(Fuse TV, November 2007 )

2014: LIKE A PRAYER World Exclusive Video

March 2nd 1989 was the day the world heard "Like A Prayer" for the very first time, via a Pepsicola TV ad!

March 2nd 2014 25 years later, and here's a chance to watch a Live performance of that same song for the very first time.

Officially filmed but never broadcast, here's Madonna performing "Like A Prayer" one year after the Pepsi ad, at one of her Worcester, USA concerts on the 1990 Blond Ambition Tour.

(Madonna-TV, June 1990)

1989: Pepsi Ad airs on TV around the world!

March 2nd 1989 saw the worldwide debut of Madonna's comeback single "Like A Prayer" as part of a groundbreaking 2-minute Pepsi TV commercial which aired on that same day in over 40 countries around the world.

Here's how it looked in UK's ITV channel, where it aired at 8:12pm during an episode of police drama "The Bill". Then below, watch Madonna talk about the controversy that followed, in an interview with MTV's Kurt Loder one year later.

(ITV,  March 1989 / MTV, April 1990)