1989: Madonna's Only "Like A Prayer" TV Interview

She was without question the most talked about woman on the planet, but in 1989 TV interviews by such a mega-star were just not the done thing.

Her "Like A Prayer" album was topping the charts worldwide and by June of that year the 2nd video from the album was causing almost as much controversy as the first. Enter Molly Meldrum, Australia's biggest TV interviewer (who had already talked with Madonna at the end of 1985 when her "Virgin Tour" home video was released) for the ONLY TV interview Madonna would do in support of "Like A Prayer" in 1989.

Molly flew to Los Angeles in June 1989 and conducted the interview at her home. Madonna's Dad makes an appearance and she talks about the album, the videos, Prince, Pat Leonard, Stephen Bray and much more besides.

Here it is first in its original form. Shown initially in Australia, it was quickly broadcast in almost every country in the world.

Then watch some rarely seen footage from the interview which was not included in the original broadcast!

(Various, June 1989)