1990: Vogue Video Premieres on March 29th!

VOGUE - NY News Preview Report
25 YEARS AGO... US TV News channels were getting exited about the VOGUE Video. #Vogue25
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"Cher" reviews Vogue Video (March 1990)
"Cher" review's VOGUE on US TV's "HARD COPY" - Madonna's BRAND NEW VIDEO - Exactly 25 Years Ago Tonight!
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Greatest Videos of All Time - VOGUE
In 2007 UK TV's Channel 4 named Madonna's VOGUE the 9th Greatest Music Video of all time. #Vogue25
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Rare US TV news report from March 28th 1990 - the eve of Madonna's VOGUE video premiere! #Vogue25
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(Various, March 1990)

1990: March '90 - Blond Ambition Coming!

#BlondAmbition25 #MadonnaTV
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#BlondAmbition25 ~ MARCH 1990 ~ Madonna Blond Ambition French Preview Report ~ Dutch TV
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(Various, March 1990)

2015: Joan of Arc live on Ellen

From Ellen's official YouTube.

2015: Madonna Performs 2 songs on Italian TV

Devil Pray:


(RAI, March 2015)

1985: Fans Queue in New York for Madonna Tickets

A very rare New York TV News report about fans queueing outside Radio City Music Hall to buy tickets for Madonna's first ever concert tour!

(March 1985)

1998: David Bowie on Madonna

Here's a rare radio clip from Madonna-TV's archives. It's David Bowie in 1998 talking about Madonna for a BBC Radio 1 special that aired when the "Ray of Light" album was released!

(BBC Radio 1, March 1998)