Blond Ambition 25th Anniversary Flashbacks


One of the more spectacular locations on Madonna's BLOND AMBITION tour 25 YEARS AGO was in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she played on the site of a former shipyard in full daylight, to a crowd that included ABBA's Agnetha Fältskog. Here's some pro-shot footage of EXPRESS YOURSELF from that night shown on Swedish TV, which begins with incredbile HELICOPTER shots of the stage and concert crowd! #BlondAmbition25 #BA25 #Happy25thBlondAmbition

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Blond Ambition Dortmund - July 17th 1990

25 YEARS AGO TONIGHT - Madonna was in Dortmund, Germany on her BLOND AMBITION tour. Here's a great local TV news report on the gig, including pro-shot footage from the concert! #BlondAmbition25 #Happy25thBlondAmbition #BA25

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Madonna in London (Wed July 18th 1990)

25 YEARS AGO TODAY - Madonna arrived in LONDON for the UK leg of her BLOND AMBITION World Tour! #BlondAmbition25 #Happy25thBlondAmbition #BA25

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Blond Ambition Wembley Preparations (July 20th 1990)

25 YEARS AGO at this very moment, fans were filling Wembley Stadium in London awaiting the UK debut of Madonna's BLOND AMBITION tour. Here's a look at how the preparations were going, in a TV news report which aired on that very day! #BlondAmbition25 #BA25 #Happy25thBlondAmbition

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And right now 25 YEARS AGO Madonna was on stage at London's WEMBLEY STADIUM! Here's Sky News' great BLOND AMBITION TV report and a live review in the studio from the late 'London Times' columnist Robert Sandall. #BlondAmbition25 #BA25 #Happy25thBlondAmbition

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Blond Ambition London (TV-am News)

JULY 21ST 1990 - The UK wakes up to TV reports about Madonna's BLOND AMBITION London concerts! #BlondAmbition25 #BA25 #Happy25thBlondAmbition

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Madonna Jogging in London (July 1990)

Madonna did a lot of jogging while in London 25 YEARS AGO this week for her BLOND AMBITION tour! Here's SKY NEWS reporting on one of her lunchtime runs... #BlondAmbition25 #BA25 #Happy25thBlondAmbition

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Madonna Ambushed on Live TV in 1990

"Strange people walk on my stage. They put shit on me. I can't hear myself. I'd like to fucking kill somebody." #BlondAmbition25 #HolaBarcelona

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